So you all remember last year and the hash tag #Tobeafrican. You all remember @soul_fool @savvykenya and @woozie_M winning fabulous cash prizes yes? Well here’s your chance to win yet again with this years festival!

This year the hash tag is #IWillBe and the only rule is you have to tag at least one other person and @hayfestke in your tweets. There will be a Thursday winner who will win a season pass, a Friday winner who will also win a season pass and a Sunday winner picked by our celebrity judge – to be revealed soon- who will win, wait for it, a Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphone.

You all know how amazing that little gadget is so get tweeting. #IWillBe waiting to read through all those tweets so keep them coming. Remember to tag your friends and keep tweeting. The tweets will be judged on creativity and wittiness so give us something and give us something interesting.

Happy tweeting!