“The biggest gathering of incredible minds talking about everything that affects and informs our daily lives.” The Star 

“The festival, which easily ranks as East Africa’s largest annual literary gathering, seeks to illuminate the region’s contemporary creative revolution through a five-day salsa of books, art, technology and science.” Forbes

“The successful extension of the Hay brand to Africa marks an interesting development in what has generally been a good decade for writers from the continent.” Telegraph

The Storymoja Hay Festival is concerned with the very literal task of rewriting our country’s story… will be held at the Railways Sports Club grounds in Nairobi from Friday to Sunday this coming week.Daily Nation

Very rarely can the words ‘different’ and ‘alike’ be used to describe the same things. But Peter Moore and Neil Shah are hard to describe otherwise.The two authors are in Nairobi as part of a large contingent of writers, authors and literary critics and enthusiasts attending the Story Moja Hay Festival that is being held at the Railways Club in Nairobi this week starting Thursday. Business Daily[See Article]

The best storyteller was George or Punlupangla as he likes to be called. He was dressed in colourful African attire and turned out to be a professional storyteller. He performs in slums and wraps controversial issues in elaborate metaphors.Thanks to Punlupangla I shall never think of going to a “books festival” in quite the same way. Telegraph [See Article]

Okri dominated the stage with the energy of a pugilist. His unstoppable flow of words seemed to emerge fully formed. “The poet composes in the spontaneity of the moment,” he said, and the audience was privileged to get a glimpse of his creative process in action.Telegraph[See Article]