Sport and Society

Event 59 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 11am – 12pm • Venue: BRITISH COUNCIL COURTYARD

Moving the Goalposts is an initiative that empowers young girls through football. It’s founder, Sarah Forde talks to Kenyan Olympic athletes.


Launch of Africa’s Wildest Stories with Paula Kahumbu

Event 60 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 11am – 12pm • Venue: STORYMOJA AMPHITHEATRE

The 2011 National Geographic Explorer of the Year, introduces her community project and shares with us extraordinary stories about Africa’s unique wildlife told by Maasai warriors, a Watha hunter gatherer, a victim of a buffalo attack, a white hunter, scientists, elders, traditional fishermen, honey hunters, Indian settlers, an entomologist….and many more.


Screening – Inform Action

Event 61 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 11am – 12pm • Venue: FORD HALL

Supported by the Netherlands Embassy


Growing up different: Precious Williams, Lemn Sissay and Ross Van Horn

Event 63 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 1pm – 2pm • Venue: BRITISH COUNCIL COURTYARD

What’s your idea of a normal childhood? What kind of childhood makes a writer? These festival authors who grew up in mulit-racial backgrounds, juggle notions of adversity and security, loneliness and independence, fantasy and reality.

Supported by the British Council and Van Horn Consulting


Kenya at 50

Event 64 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 1pm – 2pm • Venue: LOUIS LEAKEY AUDITORIUM

Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence in 2013. A conversation with Sunny Bindra around how our values as a nation have changed over since 1963.


Poets in conversation: Imtiaz Dharker and Lola Shoneyin

Event 65 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 1pm – 2pm • Venue: STORYMOJA AMPHITHEATRE

Born in Pakistan, raised as a Muslim Calvinist in a Lahori household in Glasgow, later eloping with a Hindu Indian to Bombay, and then marrying a Welsh Poetry Entrepreneur, Imtiaz Dharker now lives between India, London and Wales. She has published five books of poetry: Purdah, Postcards from God, I Speak for the Devil, The Terrorist at my Table and Leaving Fingerprints. Nigerian writer Lola Shoneyin has published three collections: So all the Time I was Sitting on an Egg, Song of a Riverbird and For the Love of Flight.


Screening – A Small Act

Event 66 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 1pm – 2pm • Venue: FORD HALL


The two faces of Kenyan Writing: Tony Mochama (Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda) and Bonnie Kim (The Power of Self Image)

Event 67 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 1pm – 2pm • Venue: DISCOVERY HALL

Two authors go head to head over which has more value for the Kenyan reader; Motivational books vs Fiction


Jung Chang, Giles Foden, Sitawa Namwalie, Chief Nyamweya, John Sibi-Okumu and John Kampfner

Event 68 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 3pm – 4pm • Venue: BRITISH COUNCIL COURTYARD

To celebrate Hay Festival’s 25th anniversary we asked many of the writers and artists we have worked with over the years to pose 25 questions to Hay Festival audiences. John Kampfner chairs this session addressing three of these questions. Interactive, inquisitive and ground-breaking – have your say and post your replies at


Peeling back the Mask – The Man who became Miguna Miguna

Event 69 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 3pm – 4pm • Venue: LOUIS LEAKEY AUDITORIUM

The book that took Kenya by storm; Miguna Miguna himself addresses the controversy behind his book.


Shungwayo by The Theatre Company

Event 70 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 3pm – 4pm • Venue: STORYMOJA AMPHITHEATRE

Based on beliefs, taboos and cultures from our ancestry, a Kenyan musical show which fuses modern performance techniques with traditional East African styles.



Event 71 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 3pm – 4pm • Venue: FORD HALL

The film A Small Act tells the tale of Chris Mburu’s anonymous education sponsor and his success in finding her. Chris went on to graduate from Harvard and is now a Human Rights lawyer for the UN. In this session he discusses the current state of education in Kenya


Boats of the Future

Event 72 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 3pm – 4pm • Venue: DISCOVERY HALL

Sail the seas with illustrator Marit Tornqvist in this creative art sessions for the whole family. The Boats of the Future piece explores your relationship with water.

Sponsored by the Netherlands Embassy




Event 73 • Sunday 16 September 2012, 5pm – 6pm • Venue: DISCOVERY HALL

A conversation with the transgendered community in Kenya.

Supported by Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya