Storymoja was formed by five writers who are committed to publishing contemporary East African writing of world-class standard. Our books are marketed to a wide Kenyan audience for entertainment rather than as textbook material. We want to challenge the perception that Kenyans do not read (other than required educational text) by providing them with the contemporary stories they can identify with and which we believe they are dying to read.

Publishing House

At Storymoja we strive to produce books of international literary and production quality while giving major consideration to affordability.

We are constantly exploring innovative marketing and distribution avenues in order to engage and reach the widest possible readership. We are passionate about achieving our vision of getting ‘A book in every hand’. 

Writer’s Workshops

Stories are meant for telling. Whether to one person or to a large group, whether in the cool of the evening outside a log fire in a smoky hut or via twitter for mobile.  No matter the medium, the art of storytelling is one that must be learned and practiced. Storymoja has conducted numerous training workshops in which the art of storytelling can be practiced and perfected under the watchful eye (and questioning ear) of our professional writers.


Audience reaction at the 2009 Storymoja Hay Festival storytelling competition.

As social beings, we are hard wired to share our experiences and empathize with those of others. Storytelling lies at the heart of human existence: the need to share. In Africa, we have listened to the stories of others too long. Stories from across continents and oceans have drowned out our voices: Now it is the time for us to tell the world our stories.  Storymoja has heard these stories and would like to share them with the country: stories that are contextual, topical and meaningful. Kenyan stories.

 Storymoja Hay Festival Kenya

SHFK is a 3 day international celebration of stories, ideas, writing and contemporary culture through storytelling, music, books, live discussion forums, demonstrations, workshops, open mic sessions, debates, exhibitions, performances and competitions.

Publish Your Own Book

Who says that you can’t be a published writer? Definitely not Storymoja. We run a program for children in which you can get your own stories published in just 2 ½ hours.

 As a group, the students develop a story idea, plot, characters and the setting. The Professional Storymongerer (facilitator) guides the group, as they develop the story up to a climax point. Each person then writes their own personalized endings, with the guidance from the Storymoja Writers. Artists simultaneously design beautiful cover pages, and unique illustrations for inside. The books are then put together and bound to give you a classy piece of yourself that will last a lifetime.


Reading Revolution

The Reading Revolution is a three-year long campaign to change attitudes about reading for pleasure. There’s a nasty sengenyo (rumor) going around that you can hide money from Kenyans in a book! We’d like to change that! On June 16th Day of the African Child Storymoja set the national record for most people reading out loud the same book on the same day at 86,400! Currently we are running reading marathon in which participants will donate one book out of every four that they read to a local library. After which, we’ll have the SHFK- a festival to celebrate the brilliance that is reading and knowledge. After which, we will run a program where kids get to give other kids a book for Christmas. And then it will be 2012 and time to start over. Viva la revolution!!

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